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Международный научный журнал

«Journal of Technical Science and Innovation»

international electronic journal

  • Purpose of the journal
  • Tasks
  • Advantages

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoev in his address to the Oliy Majlis on January 24, 2020 - to continue the work on the further development of science in our country, the education of young people with deep knowledge, high spirituality and culture, the formation of a competitive economy. Year of Education and Development of Digital Economy ”.

The purpose of the journal is to ensure that the objectives outlined in this appeal are fulfilled. Including:

Analysis, systematization and popularization of scientific achievements, innovative solutions and technologies in physics and mathematics, chemistry, geology and mineralogy, engineering, agriculture and pedagogy.

The editorial staff of the journal includes scientists from various research institutes, universities and other organizations in Uzbekistan and other countries.

To present the results of active research scientists - doctors of science and philosophy, candidates of science, young researchers - doctoral students, undergraduates; engineers engaged in scientific and innovative activities; promotion of major achievements of local and world universities and industrial science in the field of project design, design, production, and industry;

Determination of scientific potential for development and use of advanced achievements of science and technology in the field of physics and mathematics, chemistry, geology and mineralogy, engineering, agriculture and pedagogy;

Assisting Uzbekistan in leading world rankings in the field of theory and practice of physics, mathematics, chemistry, geology and mineralogy, engineering, agriculture and pedagogical sciences;

Promotion of knowledge and achievements in the field of physics and mathematics, chemistry, geology and mineralogy, engineering, agriculture and pedagogical sciences, interpretation of the most important events in this area from the point of view of its innovative development and so on.

Advantages of an online scientific journal:

publication of large-scale color pictures and articles in multimedia formats - the Internet format does not limit the author's need to present research results;
articles will be posted on the journal website;
the cost of publication does not depend on the number of pages - the size of the article is limited only by the logical approach to the amount of material needed to cover the research conducted by the author;
publication time is shorter - the reduction of the editing cycle, the lack of a stage of printing, printing and distribution to authors;
Unlimited access to magazine pages, articles, and newsletters from anywhere in the world.

The published article will be uploaded to the magazine's website in a matter of seconds, posted on social media, and so on.

All of its content is open to the public and available to users and their organizations for free. Users may read, download, distribute, copy, print, search, or link to the full text of the document for any other legitimate use without the prior permission of the publisher or author.

Authors are responsible for preparing the article for publication.

The journal accepts the article from the authors. The article is considered to have been published from the time it is posted on the magazine's website.

Articles will be published after the date of their submission and after their edit. If the article has been delayed for some reason or another, it may be postponed at the discretion of the publisher.

Copyright to scientific articles published in the journal belongs to their authors.

Articles published in the JOURNAL OF TECHNICAL SCIENCE AND INNOVATION online magazine are reviewed.

Prior to publication in the journal, all articles will be inspected through the antiplagiate system.

Editorial Council

Published since 2020

Editorial council: Assoc. Ganiev I.G., Assoc. Islomov P.

Editorial team:
Chief Editor – Assoc. Ganiev I.G.
Deputy chief editor – Assoc. Islomov P.
Scientific Secretary – Xamrakulova E.O.


International electronic scientific journal.
Founder and publisher of 

The address of the founder and publisher: 
130100, Uzbekistan, Jizzakh, Kangli street, house 20, tel. (+ 99897-702-74-04, e-mail: journal.tsi20@gmail.com

The journal publishes scientific articles in the areas of:
physics and mathematics; chemical; biological; geology-mineralogical; technical; agricultural and pedagogical sciences, as well as architecture.

It is an officially registered, peer-reviewed scientific publication with open access. The Journal is published quarterly in electronic form.
The journal “Journal of technical science and innovation” publishes the most significant results of scientific and applied research carried out at universities and research institutes and centers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries.

Schedule of publishing a magazine:
Will be published once in a month. Acceptance of articles for our journal: Daily.

An article is considered published from the moment it is posted on the journal website.

About the journal

Physics and Mathematics; chemical sciences; geology and mineralogy; technical sciences; agricultural sciences; pedagogical sciences; architecture, etc.

  • Issued electronically certified certificate or diploma;
  • Assistance in preparing for publication;
  • The articles will be published on the special site of the scientific journal as a collection.

Researchers, scholars, doctoral students, teachers, students, leaders and employees of state and local governments.

The articles are published in Uzbek, Russian and English languages.

  • The publishing period
  • Preparation for publication

Date of publication of the journal

Once in a month. Receiving articles in the journal: daily.

Publication of articles on the official website will take place within 2 working days after the article is approved for publication. The articles will be placed in the world's largest scientific database within 3 months from the date of publication.

Articles published in the international scientific journal "Journal of Technical Science and Innovation" are subject to mandatory review by industry scholars. All before being published in the journal

Articles are reviewed on the basis of authenticity. If the author violates the ethics of the publication or reveals plagiarism, as well as in some other cases, the editors have the right not to publish the article.

Stages of the process of preparation of articles for publication in editorial offices:

preliminary inspection (about 2 working days);
Review by editors (about 2 working days);
payment by the author;
After receipt of payment by the publisher, the article is sent to the magazine's website for posting.

The article is considered to have been published from the time it is posted on the magazine's website.

There is no charge for admission, editing.

Funds will be used to pay for editorial and publishing services, to publish and maintain a journal website on the Internet, and to provide uninterrupted access to published articles.

For 1 article: For citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan 105000 sum.

Publication period is approximately 5 business days (1 business day preview, 2 business days editing, 2 working days journal entry). The period is calculated in business days from the date the article is registered by the editor.

After the decision to publish the article, the authors receive details and payment instructions. In addition to the article, the editorial must provide a scanned electronic version of the contract and be signed by all co-authors.

The editor accepts only one article in the journal - one article by the author or co-authors.

Submission of article:

E-mail: E-mail: journal.tsi20@gmail.com

-telegramm channel address t.me/jsti20

Work with us

If you have a scientific journal, feel free to send to our scientific editor.
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